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Do you often wonder who other doctors are referring patients to either for a specific diagnosis or for general care?

Have you ever been told by your patients after a referral to another physician that they were disappointed by either the doctor or the overall experience (staff, office, location, etc.)?

Do you consider yourself and the doctors to whom you refer patients to be the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors in your community?

Have you ever been upset or dissatisfied when one of your patients is seen in another venue and referred to a physician who you do not prefer or work well with together?

Are you tired of hearing or reading about a bad review you got on an internet ratings site which was only based on a couple of patients and their satisfaction rating?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you need DoctorRated.

Prior to DoctorRated, physicians had no way to objectively compare and contrast their choices when it came to physician referrals. Doctors typically found a comfortable referral pattern and stuck with it for better or worse. Word of mouth from other physicians was a good start but not always accurate and not always available. Trial and error reigned king as there was no good resource for a physician to start a new referral pattern.

DoctorRated is unique in that we allow the people who know the most about healthcare referrals and recommendations (i.e., the DOCTORS) to rate their peers and hospitals both positively and negatively. In this type of rating system, you can give an OBJECTIVE assessment of another physician's skills, training, knowledge, and experience. You also will give a SUBJECTIVE evaluation of a physician's interpersonal skills, communication, availability, reliability, etc.

We realize that you might be uncomfortable rating other physician's (especially referring physicians) negatively. We allow an anonymous rating system that will not disclose your recommendations unless you choose to do so. You also are not forced to rate doctors that you feel to be inadequate. Although we want unbiased ratings, we think that the good/great doctors will establish their superior ratings more easily while the average to bad doctors will struggle to obtain ratings at all. The results (or lack thereof) will speak for themselves.

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